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Let me explain this simple but powerful concept of business

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This system has two types of plans. Plan Standard and Plan Vip. Start with the Standard Plan and progress to the next.
Plan Standard
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What is Ingresix?

  • Ingresix.com is a web site of advertising. We work to bring much web traffic to your website or affiliate program. We also offer a great opportunity so you can earn money with us through our plans.
  • Bitcoin is a currency digital created and maintained by via electronics. Nobody controls it and is not printed, as it is the case with the dollar or the euro. Them Bitcoins are produced by people and companies thanks to a software that solves a number of problems mathematical.
  • Bitcoin uses the technology peer-to-peer to operate without a bank or an authority central. The management of transactions and the creation of bitcoins carries out altogether by the network. Bitcoin is an open source, its design is public, no one owns or controls the bitcoin and everyone can participate. Bitcoin allows interesting uses that before not could be covered by other payment systems.
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